We Can’t Predict The Future,

But We’ll Help You Plan For It.

We Can’t Predict The Future, But We’ll Help You Plan For It.

Let Our Experienced Team Guide You.

Each client, each case, is unique. Which is why we approach each situation with critical thinking and expertise. By offering a select number of services, we’re able to focus extensively on a few areas instead of juggling a little bit of everything. This approach allows us to build a staff with a strong background and knowledge of our services and provide skilled assistance.


Estate Planning

We'll guide you through the process.

An estate plan protects you and your family's future by creating a clear plan for your assets.


Succession Planning

Thinking Ahead

Not having a coordinated business succession plan can directly result in a failed business.


Estate Administration

When the time comes to review and administer a loved one’s will or estate, we’re here.

What Our Clients Say

Estate Planning - Safeguarding Your Family's Future

From written wills to living trusts, the experts at Golightly Mulligan and Morgan, PLC make the estate planning process approachable and understandable. Reach out to discuss your estate plan today!

"Very professional, responsive along with clear and concise input regarding issues. What else can you ask from a law firm? Very happy."

James Serra

"Scott, thank you for all your help with this…we feel a huge sense of relief that this is finally done, and done right!..... I look forward to working with you in the future as we continually monitor our life stations that may require revisits to these documents."


"Scott is very personable and knowledgeable and helped us through the legal maze. We would highly recommend him."

Guy and Dodie

"Scott Golightly was great to work with. He and his team exceeded our expectations. We got everything taken care of in a reasonable time without feeling rushed. We have peace of mind and confidence that what we have provided for our children and grandchildren a clear organized plan and that there will be no loose ends when the time comes."


"Our current wills and trusts were prepared 17 years ago in a different state. We definitely needed to update our estate plan. Scott was very approachable and was very good walking us through the whole process. He was patient and answered all our questions. Scott and his team are personable, smart, and responsive. It’s great to know that we have a trusted resource for assisting with all of our family’s estate planning needs as they arise."


"We had no idea that the amount of work that is left for those who survive you is daunting. Golightly helped us create a great plan and we found peace in the fact that we will have everything organized in one place when the time comes. They were so easy to talk to. We’d absolutely recommend them."


"It took me a while to reach out to an attorney because I had minimal knowledge and wasn’t sure I had enough assets to qualify for estate planning. Scott made the process very easy and explained things in terms I could understand and I now have peace of mind for my children should anything happen to me."


Our Values

A small law firm with big values; we are made up of exceptional people who provide high-quality legal services.

While our line of work can come across up-tight and impersonal, that’s not us. We want you to feel completely comfortable and at ease while working with us because we genuinely want this to be a positive experience. We’re here to help the best we can.

our story probate

You’re coming to us because you need legal assistance. Legal situations can be not only confusing but have dire consequences if mishandled. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. There’s no judgment here; we want to help you the best we can.

Our story taxes

We won’t leave you guessing what’s going on, or if anybody read your messages. Within a 24 hour period, you will have a response. These are important, usually time-sensitive tasks and cases, and we understand the need for open communication and transparency!

Every Person Who Walks Through Our Door Is Important To Us.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed.

Rest assured, knowing that you have a whole team behind you working collectively. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We’re here for you the entire way.

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